Volunteering at Citizens Advice Liverpool

The work of Citizens Advice Liverpool would not be possible without our volunteers. Nationally 75% of CA workers are volunteers. There are many ways to get involved. You could train to be an adviser, help streamline the office admin systems, or sit on the management comittee and help with fundraising, publicity or our social policy work.

All our volunteer advisers are fully trained. You do not need to have any particular qualification or experience, but the following abilities:

  • a good listener and open minded
  • able to work with clients to achieve results
  • read complex information and explain it
  • do basic maths
  • can work as a team member
  • can commit yourself to a certain number of hours each week
  • support equal opportunities

You'll get 100% support, full training and your travel expenses paid. We are comitted to equal opportunities for our workers and clients, and welcome volunteers regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disabilities.

Our volunteer roles


Without our trained volunteer advisers we could not continue to meet the demand for advice. Our generalist advice service looks at a client’s situation holistically as opposed to looking at their problems in isolation from one another. Advisers are given free training, both formal and on-the-job. As a CA adviser you would:

  • interview clients
  • help them negotiate with people such as creditors or service providers
  • draft letters
  • make phone calls on their behalf
  • refer them to other agencies
  • represent them in court and at tribunals.





Receptionists are an integral part of the team, managing ‘front-of-house’ on the basis of information provided by the advice session supervisor. Depending on the size and resources of the bureau, the receptionist role may be undertaken by one or more people. As a receptionist you would: 

  • greet clients and other visitors
  • answer the phone
  • ensure clients know what is happening and how long they have to wait
  • explain the services available
  • point out leaflets, lists and self-help materials
  • monitor client numbers and waiting times
  • maintain the reception area
  • enter information into computer systems.


Specific qualifications and experience are not required to take on the role. You need to:

  • have a good manner when talking to people
  • have basic computing skills
  • have an understanding of, and commitment to, confidentiality
  • be friendly and approachable.


Gateway assessors

Gateway assessors help clients get the right help in the fastest time possible. They assess people’s needs, either face-to-face or over the phone, and identify the most appropriate course of action. That might be self-help information, referral to a specialist organisation or an appointment with a CA adviser. As a gateway assessor you would: 

  • greet clients and explain the gateway assessment process
  • explore the client’s problem(s) and situation
  • assess the risk/urgency of the client’s issue and their ability to deal with the problem themselves
  • identify the next step that needs to be taken
  • summarise the content of the interview for the client and explain what happens next
  • ensure clients know they can return if necessary
  • update the database, completing the gateway assessment screens.


Specific qualifications or experience are not required to train for the role. You need to:

  • be good at listening
  • have a good manner when talking to people
  • have basic computing skills
  • be open minded and non-judgmental
  • enjoy helping people.



As a CA volunteer administrator you would ensure the smooth running the office by:

  • word processing
  • file management
  • arranging events
  • using databases and spreadsheets
  • answering emails and phone calls
  • updating local information.



Because every CA is a registered charity, each has its own board of trustees. Some trustee roles require specific skills but bureaux welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and experience to their trustee boards. Because trustee boards tend to meet in the evenings, you can fit this around a full time job or study. As a trustee you would:

  • manage and plan the overall strategic direction fo the bureau
  • act as employer for paid staff
  • manage the bureau's finances
  • ensure the bureau complies with the law
  • be responsible for premises, insurance and equipment.

Want to know more?

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to read pdf files.

For more info regarding roles descriptions please use the following links

If you would like to apply for any of the roles currently available, please fill in the application form listed above, and email it to volunteers@caliverpool.org.uk, alternatively you can print it and post it to:

Citizens Advice Liverpool
242 Picton Road

Liverpool L15 4LP